Tyson Dayley


Tyson got his initial start as a model when he was 18 and living in Salt Lake City, Utah. His older step-sister that was already modeling brought him along to multiple photo shoots and joined in some group shots when asked. During one of those shoots a photographer, he met, booked Tyson for his first paid shoot and then he was hooked.  He began to find his own bookings and did that as a main job throughout college. He also worked at Abercrombie & Fitch as a fun part-time job and eventually started doing shirtless greeting for them.  


Tyson also found another passion which was fitness and more importantly fitness competitions. During one of these competitions Tyson got discovered by an agent which booked him with notable photographers in NYC and after Rick Day’s images of him went viral Tyson was able to use Instagram as a platform to continue his modeling on another higher level.  IG: @TysonDayley


*NPC Rocky Mountain Championship Men’s Physique Champ

*WBFF Beverly Hills Muscle Model Champ

*WBFF Pro Fitness Model


Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 205 lbs


Waist: 32”


Shoe Size: 12

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

JED NORTH Apparel Commercial